February 1, 2011


Dragon fruit (the English call it: pitaya) is the fruit of several cactus species from the genera Hylocereus and Selenicereus. The fruit came from Mexico, Central America and South America but now cultivated in Asian countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia. Fruit can also be found in Okinawa, Israel, northern Australia and southern China. Hylocereus blooms only at night. In 1870 this plant was brought French people of Guyana to Vietnam as an ornamental plant. by the Vietnamese and Chinese men is considered a blessing. Therefore, the fruit is always placed between two small green dragon statue above the altar table. The red color of fruit so markedly between the colors green dragons. From this habit of fruit was among the Vietnamese who greatly influenced Chinese culture known as the thang Loy (dragon fruit). Loy Thang, Vietnamese people are then translated in Europe and other countries who speak English as a dragon fruit (dragon fruit).
Dragon fruit commonly cultivated in the garden or in a vast land, it is time for those of you who want to decorate the yard or around your home with exotic dragon fruit, should be listened carefully how, techniques, tips on cultivation and planting or planting dragon fruit in the pot. Why and what the pros the way of techniques, tips on cultivation, planting or planting of dragon fruit in pots she said of course we can set our own preferences, as well as moving the location of the dragon fruit plants. But we also have to know how, techniques, tips, cultivation and planting or planting of dragon fruit in pots for dragon fruit stay productive, efficient and effective

Here is how to grow dragon fruit in pots along with step by step

Setting up/looking for an appropriate pot for cultivating dragon fruit in pots
There are different kinds of pots, whatever you want to choose which one, which obviously the bigger the pot is getting better, because the dragon fruit requires a lot of nutrients, so if the pot to a small dragon fruit cultivation, the land that is in the pot for planting / cultivation dragon fruit a bit, so that growth is less than the maximum / dwarf. It should be noted in the Prepare / search for the appropriate pot for cultivating dragon fruit, because the dragon fruit requires a drastic change in temperature from day to night in the flowering process, it must be selected a suitable pot, the pot is the most suitable based on experience are pots made of clay, for example, clay barrel. But if in your area absent or difficult to prepare / find an appropriate pot for cultivating dragon fruit in a clay pot, we recommend use of plastics, eg plastic tub. Terms of the pot, at least 40-50 cm in diameter. Can also be used as a pot drums.

Preparing / making stanchion dragon fruit.
Pole must be strong, that's the main requirement
Preparing / making framework of the dragon fruit. Better is a pile of concrete between 8-10 cm, or can also use wood blocks strong and durable, because the dragon fruit has a long life of 15-20 years. These poles are used to maintain the dragon fruit. To the top of the mast like a tire given a drive motor that serves to prop up the branches of production that much. At the bottom of the pile of concrete / block is given functional foot so it is not easy to shake or collapse.
People usually multiply plants by cuttings or sow seeds. Plants will flourish if the porous planting medium (not wet), nutrient-rich, sandy, enough sunshine and temperatures between 38-40 degrees Celsius, if care is quite good, the plant will began to bear fruit at the age of 11-17 months. Dragon fruit can grow with the soil conditions and altitude of any location, but these plants will greedy enough nutrients, so that when the soil contains a good fertilizer, it will be very rapid growth. Within 1 year, the plant can reach a height of 3 meters more, for more details about how, tips techniques and cultivation or planting of dragon fruit in pots, you can see examples of pictures of dragon fruit trees in pots on the side,

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